Survey/Attendance Count

Some of the vendors we have contacted require a deposit and minimum attendance count. And through the last survey, Reunion Activities, we now have some idea of what to plan for the main event and as alternate activities for our 50th reunion. But in order to do that, we also need to get an approximate count of those who believe they will be attending any or all of the events.

Please help us by completing this survey.

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1)   Will you be attending the main dinner/dance on September 22, 2018?

yes or no or maybe
2)   If you plan to attend the main dinner/dance, will you be bringing a partner?

3)   Will you be attending the wine tasting?

4)   If you do attend the wine tasting, will you bring a partner?

5)   Will you be attending the Friday night meet and greet?

6)   A picnic or buffet on Sunday?

7)   If you attend the picnic or buffet, will you bring a partner?

8)   Any ideas or suggestions? If so, please let us know.